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We made a SONA 2018 drinking game

We made a SONA 2018 drinking game

It’s that time of the year again–no, it’s not Christmas. The President is set to deliver his third State of the Nation Address today. As with every SONA, leaders have tropes and words they just can’t seem to take out of their vocabulary. Although the Filipino people may be tired of hearing the same things over and over again, we can’t help but anticipate.

Instead of rolling your eyes, you can salvage the SONA 2018 experience by drinking to it instead. So, we made a drinking game out of President Duterte’s overused words and phrases. You don’t have to miss out on politics, and you don’t have to miss out on the fun too.

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What you’ll need: Cups, hard liquor (can be gin or tequila), beer or a cocktail, a whole lot of courage and patience for bullshit.

Drink every time President Duterte…

1. says “Corruption”

2. says “Drugs”

3. says “Human rights”

4. says “Boracay”

5. says “West Philippine Sea”

Take a shot every time…

1. He mentions China

2. He criticizes Vice President Leni Robredo

3. He criticizes the United Nations

4. He mentions Trump or the United States

5. “Federalism”

Bottoms up every time…

1. He threatens to resign / “I will resign”

2. He says “Putangina” and any curse word

3. He accuses and criticizes media

4. He says “Dilawan/Yellowtard”

5. The audience gives him a standing ovation

After the fun and games, remember to take matters about the country seriously too. Remember that these hopes and promises are taken by heart by some Filipinos, and the President’s words are more than just a drinking game. In the meanwhile, let’s hope for the best and perhaps some new solutions on the country’s current devastating state. Also, cheers!

Featured image by  Bryan Sochayseng
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