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5 highlights of this year’s APCC that will induce intense FOMO

There is no doubt that Asia Pop Comic Con is one of the biggest pop culture festivals here in the country. They bring exclusive content, star-studded panels, and even unexpected surprises on our way. It makes this year no different, right? Rule one of APCC: their only constant is the word “surprise.”

Everyone expects exclusive trailer drops and great panels from Netflix and Disney. But spontaneous fan gatherings, random inflatable dinosaurs, and other out of the box hilarity has made our APCC 2018.

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Missed out on this year’s APCC? Don’t worry. These five highlights will get anyone up to speed. And a little jealous. Scratch that —very jealous.

The Netflix booth re-defines the word interactive

This year’s Netflix booth went above and beyond. We’re talking set replicas, activities for days, and live re-enactments of Netflix shows. Highlighting Iron Fist this year for its second season, the whole Netflix booth was transformed to New York Chinatown. Walking down this booth made us all feel part of the Netflix experience beyond the streams.

Boku No Hero Academia’s first fan gathering

All the way inside Hall N on APCC’s second day, everyone heard the iconic chant: “PLUS ULTRA!” Some might not know what the hubbub was about, but to those who are in the know, it’s hard not to lose our collective s—ts.

This was organized by local cosplayer and member of Fightsaber Philippines, Cholo Tolentino. People who loved the anime came to be a part of it. It varied from cosplayers and to fans who came to support. They even got professional Italian cosplayer Leon Chiro as The Symbol of Peace, All Might. The second day of APCC was a great day to be a Boku No Hero fan that’s for sure.

Exclusive drops that we didn’t know we deserve

Whether you’re a Marvel stan or an otaku through and through, we all got the drops we deserve this year. Con-goers this weekend were blessed with two trailer drops: Castlevania Season 2 and a teaser for Iron Fist Season 2. These were not just normal drops. We’re talking worldwide premiers.

The only spoilers that deserved to be said both shows second seasons look amazing. That, and we may or may not have seen the first episode of one of this shows.

Finn Jones locked lips with a fan during the Q&A

Yes, we do think that should be us. A fan’s friend had a chance to ask Finn Jones (Iron Fist) in a Q&A if he can kiss the fan’s friend. Allegedly, Finn may or may not have kissed the fan on the lips. It all spells lucky for us either way.

This Thanos/Gamora father and daughter cosplay

Your family geek goals can never be higher than this! A craft dad from The Replica Prop Forum shared the detailed description on how their family cosplay came to life. Safe to say, it’s indeed a mixture of scary and cuteness overload.

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Photo by Almond Mendoza


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