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Am I crying or did a new teaser for “Bojack Horseman” just drop?


Is it possible to get depressed after watching a 1.5-minute trailer? With our favorite, washed up ’90s sitcom star Bojack Horseman—anything is possible. After the cathartic cliffhanger from last season, our long wait for the next has come to an end. The trailer for Season Five of the critically acclaimed Netflix series has dropped last night in their social media channels. Don’t get me wrong when I say I’m excited. But if you were in shambles after Season Four, the latest might be a doozy.

“You say you want to get better, but you don’t know how,” is the recurring statement throughout the trailer. One of Bojack’s closest confidants, writer Diane Nguyen, told him. The phrase keeps ringing throughout the trailer as it plays on. It’s clear that what this season’s theme is.. Season Four saw Bojack deal more seriously with his demons after meeting long-lost relative Hollyhock and dealing with her abusive mother who suffers from dementia. Season Five raises the stakes with Bojack venturing back into the television spotlight with his new show “Philbert.”

The new season examines Bojack’s frustrations and his desire to be a better person. The trailer shows his attempt to tame his alcoholism, surrealist interpretations of his manic-depressive episodes and struggles with the pressures of his newfound limelight.

Bojack Horseman is a difficult show to watch, especially for people who are going through identical issues. But what makes the show more relatable is his continuously frustrated effort to be good. That and the fact that he never seems to stick to his attempts to achieve his plan. Dealing with depression or not—isn’t that what we’re all going through?

Dry the tears in your eyes and watch the trailer above. It’s time to get excited for another season of this Netflix fan favorite!

Catch up on the series here.

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