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Ayala Museum’s latest VR experience features Bonifacio and Aguinaldo


The Ayala Museum is launching the next installment of its Virtual Reality Experience. This time, father of the revolution Andres Bonifacio and youngest president of the country Emilio Aguinaldo are getting their stories told one more time.

Learn history by being in the moment yourself. Not only that, you can also make the experience personal. The interactive VR Experience lets you choose where to look and what to focus on as our history’s pivotal moments unfold right before your eyes.

Witness the Emergence of a Filipino Nation

Be a witness to the events that charted the course of Philippine history: the Cry of Pugad Lawin, the Tejeros Convention, the Trial and Execution of Andres Bonifacio, the Declaration of Philippine Independence and the Malolos Congress; all leading towards the birth of the Filipino nation.

What would you do if your demand for apology was ignored? What were the spectators thinking when Bonifacio pulled out his gun? Through an immersive view on the personal experiences of people who lived to see the actual events happen, this undoubtedly adds depth to our understanding of history.

Prepared to have a history lesson like never before? Then head on to Ayala Museum starting Sept. 25.



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