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Steal IVOS’ look from their “In My Prison” MV


One of the things that made “In My Prison” so psychedelic, other than the boys, of course, is their outfits.

If you look at the credits of the MV, you would see that their wardrobe was courtesy of none other than former The Voice Kids PH contestant and one of the band member’s girlfriend, Shanne Dandan.

IV of Spades first posted a photo of themselves wearing the said outfits on Instagram. Naturally, the fans freaked out. Because who wouldn’t? The outfits were very regal, vintage-looking but snazzy.

Needless to say, the apparel definitely added glamor to the video. Look closely and you’ll see the details of the embroideries on Zild’s coat. Every time light hits Blaster’s Matador-inspired outfit, the sequins glimmer. The video is dimly lit as a little hint of light already sufficed. My favorite? Badjao’s furry coat. Go big or go home, amirite?

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A few days after they posted their photo, clothing brand Regine’s Boutique Ph reposted the photo with the hashtag #ReginesBoutiqueCelebrities. So if ever you have your own Victorian-inspired disco night, you know who to call. Not Ghostbusters.

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