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Jess Connelly is touring with Kehlani’s DJ in the U.S.


2018 is not the year to sleep on powerful women in male-dominated industries. Women in hip-hop and R&B are no exception; as they make waves, female representation moves forward. Proving this further is Kehlani’s DJ, Noodles (Micah Mahinay) as she goes with our own Jess Connelly in her very first US tour.

Noodles and Jess announced The Sayonara Tour earlier today in their Twitter accounts. The tour kicks off on October 14 in Atlanta, Georgia. It’ll take these two R&B youngbloods through 16 cities in America, including the legendary House of Blues at San Diego and The Mercury Lounge in New York.

To satisfy people’s curiosity on how these two came to be, Jess Connelly opened for Kehlani’s concert here in Manila last May. That concert alone had three Filipinas on stage hustling for their craft and dropping bars like nobody’s business.

Now, we have no further details on what people can expect specifically. It’s fun to imagine what they’ll have in store for all of us. With that, we have to wait a month longer and maybe see for ourselves.

Our broke asses here in Manila may just have to be satisfied by following the Twitter thread of these two. Although, we don’t have to fly to America next month to see for ourselves that this tour is sisterhood in motion.

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We won’t get cheesy about it. But The Sayonara Tour is all about women supporting women in moving forward together. Noodles’ tour serves as a huge stepping stone for Jess too. We can’t deny that she is moving further to bring her sound on a global scale. This tour will take her sound to another level.

As an independent female R&B singer here in Manila, Jess has been making serious moves as of late. Her release of JCon last month is one of her biggest waves so far.

We can also say the same with Noodles. Doing her first solo tour without Kehlani raises expectations from people who have watched her earn her stripes in the music industry. In a way, both of these female musicians are in that the same boat right now. But speculations aside, Noodles’ tour with Jess Connelly will be a milestone for each other’s career.

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