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Scout Friday Picks: Escuri

Scout Friday Picks: Escuri

Less than a year ago, Jett Ilagan, a.k.a. Escuri, a.k.a. synthesizer for Between Archery and Olympic and guitarist for Southern based band TurboMouse, took his gear to the streets and played music in front of passers-by for an experimental project that aims to observe how our immediate environment reacts to live performances in unexpected places. What would ambient music sound like in the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila’s streets?

Today’s headlines have all kept us on edge, and wherever we are, online or offline, these narratives of terror and violence have lingered in us for more than what we can normally stomach.  With that in mind, for this week’s Scout Friday Picks we ask Escuri to curate a playlist under the theme “peace.” He provides an introduction:

“Whenever I feel lost and surrounded by negative aura, I find myself listening to music, not just random songs I stumble upon on my playlist but songs that I truly trust. To find peace (for me) is to be with someone you love, trust and somehow feel that you’re protected, these tracks accompanied me during bitter times, not only channels positivity but also provide handful of inspiration to me as an artist.”

Check the playlist below:

1. Album Leaf – “Red Eye”

“Inner peace is having a balanced positive and negative energy.”

2. Cornelius – “Typewriter Lesson”

“Inner peace resonates tranquility.”

3. Telepopmusic – “Breathe”

“Inner peace is having an intimate conversation with yourself.”

4. Dre Carlan – “All God’s Children Can Dance”

“Inner peace is when you’re consumed by the novel you’re reading.”

5. Kasabian – “Clubfoot”

“Inner peace is accepting and diving to your heavy frustrations.”

6. Eraserheads – “Balikbayan Box”

“Inner peace is when you contemplate your day while on a bus on the way home.”

Find out more about Escuri’s music here.

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