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Here’s a guide to the local films premiering in QCinema this year


QCinema’s wide array of films are almost intimidating to look at. Digitally restored classics, Cannes Film Festival winners, and the best of Asian Cinema are some of the few selections people can look forward to this year. Though they’re bringing the international pieces to us, the local films lined up for this year are looking just as good.

Expect queer narratives, out of the box slice of life stories, and different forms of storytelling from filmmakers nationwide. Ranging from documentaries to non-linear narratives, this film festival is a great chance to explore what our storytellers have to offer.

Unsure what to local films to watch in QCinema? Here’s a handy guide from us. Keep this page bookmarked on your mobile and catch films beyond the mainstream this week.

Circle Competition Entries

Billie and Emma dir. Samantha Lee

Billie and Emma is a queer coming-of-age tale about a wannabe rocker named Billie who’s new to the town of San Isidro. In her new school, she meets the soft-spoken star student Emma who she encourages to branch out of her comfort zone. As they fall for each other, things took a turn as Billie founds out that she’s pregnant.

Sila-Sila dir. Giancarlo Abrahan

The film starts with a gay man trying to survive his high school reunion as he avoids people from his past. Most especially, his ex-boyfriend. How is he escaping them? Through a pseudo-Grindr dating app, of course. The app connects him with “strangers” around the campus as he escapes remnants of his pass.

Hintayan ng Langit dir. Dan Villegas

Based on a play by Juan Miguel Severo, Hintayan ng Langit tells the story of an old couple waiting to get into Heaven. Lisang’s been on Heaven’s waiting list for two years due to her troublesome behavior. Things start to brighten up for her as she’s moved up to Heaven’s eligible list, but due to the Purgatory’s room shortage, she needs to wait and share a room with a man from her past.

Dog Days: Pinoy Hoop Dreams dir. Timmy Harn

A disturbing, surrealist film on Filipino’s favorite past time. Dog Days: Pinoy Hoop Dreams revolves around the half-black half-Pinoy Michael Jordan Ulili who aspires to be one of the greatest basketball players like his namesake. Deluded by the notion that he has god given skills, he’s taken to a weird journey on facing his true destiny and it’s far from being the athlete of his dreams.

Panata sa Bundok Gulsuk dir. Jordan Dela Cruz

Described as a dark coming-of-age story from the city of Naga, Bicol. A native teenage boy faces the worst nightmare of any male teenager across the globe. Teen pregnancy is already an anxiety driven nightmare in its own right, what more if your girlfriend is threatened with a mysterious unheard of disease? Given a predicament only a Greek hero ever faced, he must journey towards the peak of Mount Gulsuk to search for the cure of his girlfriend.

Masla A Papanok dir. Gutierrez Mangansakan II

The black and white period piece tells a tale of a princess who found refuge in a convent to escape her arrange marriage. Set on the Spanish colonial era, Masla A Papanok mixes history and myth, bringing a breath of fresh air in the QCinema lineup. Fans of long cinema would appreciate this stream of consciousness piece.

Oda Sa Wala dir. Dwein Baltazar

An eerie, surrealist drama starring comedienne and actress Pokwang tells a tale of a small town mortician failing at love and slipping to depression by the minute. But a corpse she’s embalming suddenly changes her gloomy perspective in life.

DocQC Entries

Luzviminda dir. Shallah Montero

A timely piece from this filmmaker explores our country’s struggle on our President’s War on Drugs through a woman who suffered its violent consequences.

Pag-ukit sa Paniniwala dir. Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo

This experimental documentary that’s five years in the making explores Neocolonial Philippines’ interpretation of Christianity. The filmmaker focuses on craftsmen in the town of Paete making wooden sculptures of religious icons. It’s a somber take on how our country views one of the biggest religions that rules our well-being and culture until now.

All Grown Up dir. Wena Sanchez

A personal, intimate documentary on the filmmaker’s relationship with her teen brother’s journey to college. He’s smart but he has difficulties coping with the world around him. While monitoring his progress, the filmmaker noticed similarities between her daughter and brother that pushes her to question her capabilities on helping her loved ones.

Catch these films on the selected cinemas below:

SM City North EDSA
SM Megamall
SM Manila
SM Mall of Asia

UP Town Center
Gateway Cineplex 10
Trinoma Mall
Robinsons Movieworld Galleria
Greenbelt 1

Learn more about QCinema here.

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