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Those ‘tiny tables on pizza’ are now life-sized thanks to IKEA x Pizza Hut

Those ‘tiny tables on pizza’ are now life-sized thanks to IKEA x Pizza Hut

When someone mentions the ‘tiny table on top of the pizza’ you automatically get what they’re talking about. That circular piece of plastic right in the middle of our pizza that some people claim to be the pizza slicer, but automatically identified by our brains as a tiny ol’ table sitting atop cheese and red sauce. 

Well, IKEA and Pizza Hut Hong Kong just made our shared conscious thought a reality. And hell, does it look satisfying. 

To promote Pizza Hut’s latest pizza flavor which features IKEA’s famous meatballs, the Scandinavian furniture store built their own tribute for Pizza Hut—a life-sized version of the “tiny table” or a säva sitting atop their pizza.

It is called a Säva table and, atop a pizza or no, it looks like a pretty cool piece of furniture to own. Teaming up with Ogilvy for some fun marketing visuals, the Säva table has already sold 67% of its projected units. As reported by designbloom, the campaign proved successful, with John Koay, the Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy Hong Kong commenting, “We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see the launch the new Pizza Hut x IKEA pizza with a fun, cheeky campaign that has proven to be quite popular with the fans already on the first day! This is a great pizza, and this campaign really shows how collaborations can really benefit the fans – not just the brands.”


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【Pizza Hut x IKEA = ?? 】 . Pizza Hut出新批?身為忠實粉絲嘅小編,梗係望都冇望就落單啦~乜個批上面啲肉丸咁熟口面嘅…咬一啖試吓先,咦咦咦!!呢個味,咪就係IKEA嘅瑞典肉丸!!仲有佢嘅soulmate瑞典有機紅果醬!加埋辣肉腸、芝士、蕃茄醬幾款經典餡料,組成一款意想不到嘅crossover滋味,除咗有普通批同大批兩個選擇,仲有午市迷你批套餐、全日套餐免費升級優惠添啊。優惠停不了,而家喺香港Pizza Hut嗌「必勝宜家批」即送你IKEA瑞典美食廊85折優惠券,送完即止!呢個Pizza係期間限定,把握機會試吓喇! . #PizzaHutHK #必勝宜家批 #呢次crossover好特別 #全靠必勝宜家批 #小編唔使炒但要焗

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While you’re there, feel free to swipe through their other promo materials. They’re pretty fun.

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