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The adulting anxiety is too real in “Bata, Dahan-Dahan!” MV


IV of Spades continue to push their creative boundaries and visual artistry in their music video for “Bata Dahan-Dahan!” which premiered online last night.

The music video follows suit with the art direction of “In My Prison.” Exhibit A: the black veiled character from the previous video made an appearance here. This time around, the boys went all in for a surreal visualization of what “adulting anxiety” fever dream looks like. Did we feel called out when the boys appeared in corporate cubicles and blue-collared officewear? Maybe a little bit. This isn’t to say that they’re wrong on their anxiety metaphors at all.

It features the kid versions of your favorite IV of Spades’ members trying to shake their grown-up versions out of their “9-to-5 working” nightmares. There are many things happening all at once in this latest release, but it’s not, in a way, jarring and off-putting.

To call the music video a “visual journey” is an overcompensation. But hey, it’s pretty damn good. Don’t get us wrong. It’s just that we’re awestricken that these are the same boys who released a simple, low-fi ’70s homage for their first music video. They’ve come so far in their journey as creatives and it shows in their latest works.

“Bata, Dahan-Dahan” marks the band’s current direction of abandoning the “’70s-inspired act” altogether. This is a new chapter for IV of Spades and the maturity of their creative direction shows. What more if they released their first full-length album, right? Color us “hyped” with a splash of Spades’ orange.

Safe to say, the boys will continue making our jaws drop every time they release something new.

What do you think of the Spades’ latest direction? Are you all in or do you have your doubts? @ us @scoutmagph.

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