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These feminine wash manufacturers seem to have skipped sex-ed


The Philippines’ lack of sex education strikes again. And this time, it’s in a form of a feminine wash that can “magically” make vaginas tighter again. All thanks to Kineza’s Fifi Intimate Wash.

Kineza’s ad for their “intimate wash” is making rounds in social media. The ad features a before and after vector sketch of a vagina upon using the product. One Facebook post with a satirical copy reads: “Ang iyong Vilat ba ay nakadilat? Fifi mo ba ay bukaka? Eto na ang sulusyon sa problema mo. Pussykip! Para pussy ay sumikip! Ang vilat na dilat ay fifikit!”

According to its official Facebook account, the product promises to have “non-stop odor protection,” prevents urinary tract infection, and of course what really matters, “solve na solve si mister or si BF.” The first two points are usual aspects of a feminine wash. We can argue that those are helpful, except that it’s normal for vaginas to have an “unpleasant” odor. The last promise, however, can really make a feminist reach for aspirin.

Where do we begin with this product’s multitudes of wrong? These types of feminine wash aren’t exactly new. Another thing that’s not new is the increasing difficult body standards society places on women. On top of that, it is so frustrating that the myth of tight vaginas equating to a woman’s sexual prowess still exists.

It seems that some are still unaware how the vagina works. Who can blame them? Proper sex education in this country still needs to happen. This affects Filipinas out there to have skwed knowledge on how their own body works. And for our country’s male machismo to have screwed up perspective on how the female body should work for their own pleasure.

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Let this article by PsychologyToday enlighten everyone that a tight vagina is an unaroused vagina. “A man who attempts intercourse before the woman is fully aroused–before her vagina has relaxed and become well lubricated–is either sexually unsophisticated or a boor,” Dr. Michael Castleman wrote in the article.

“Unfortunately, the mythology of vaginal tightness and looseness is deeply ingrained. I’ll probably get nay-saying comments from people who swear that deflowering caused permanent loosening.”

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Once again, capitalistic institutions are banking on body insecurity and impossible body standards to sell their products. This tactic is nothing new, but we’re moving onto a more progressive society. These misconceptions should’ve died eons ago. We can put a man on a moon, but not debunk misconceptions about the female biology? Spare us, please.

We don’t need “pussykip” at all. What we do need are for our society’s mindsets to loosen up like a lubricated vagina, so educational institutions could actually teach everyone that impossible beauty standards are trash.

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