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So there’s a dating app exclusive for UP students now


Laude bago landi or landi bago laude? Here’s an app that can tell UP Students that they can do both. Launching last November 7,  UPDate is the first and only dating app exclusive to students of the university.

Developed by UPBoiz, fellow Iskos and Iskas finally have the opportunity to build relationships. What kind of relationships? Well, it’s more than just a dating opportunity. It’s an app to meet friends, have study buddies, and just a place to connect virtually.

For now, the app developers are fixing a few bugs with the sign up. It seems that students who don’t have the or can’t sign up. They promised that the app will be up and running tonight in their Twitter account.

This is enough for us to have a lot of questions about this exclusive app. Like, do we see the person’s GPA instead of their age? Is there an option to filter it within colleges? Is there a Super like option a la Tinder? Maybe this is a student’s thesis. It’s filled with mysteries that its beta users could only answer.

“It’s Omegle, but better,” as UPdate site read. Students can anonymously chat with each other to build trust and buffer up their convo skills. After they feel comfortable with one another, they can reveal their profiles to their partner. That’s pretty cool.

And if students are afraid of “randos” setting up an account, this should lessen your worry. Users can only sign up through their UP email. This filters possibilities of outsiders or possible strangers using the app for their advantage.

Doesn’t it remind anyone of how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook way back? It started exclusively for Harvard’s college students as well. But we doubt that this is a vendetta over the developers’ failed romance. It seem to be inspired of a post in UP Diliman’s Freedom Wall.

Who doesn’t want to have their S.O. as a fellow student who can walk you to class? Maybe have a memorable romantic stroll at the Academic Oval? Probably someone to comfort you during hell week? UPdate might be the app that could give these students a To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before or Perks of Being A Wallflower iskolar ng bayan edition type of life.

Will you be signing up or is it a pass for you? @ us @scoutmagph



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