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You can have home made milk tea for cheap

You can have home made milk tea for cheap

This is based purely on personal observation so I can’t speak for everyone, but when people in the office are low on energy, they resort to three things: energy drinks, cigarettes, and coffee. Coffee and energy drinks make you feel invulnerable for a short period of time, while cigarettes are a sort of pick-me-up with the nicotine content. Cigarettes cost a lot and aren’t for everyone. Coffee is more readily available than energy drinks. All three have their reasons as to why we resort to partaking in them.

But why only three? What about tea? Tea, the seemingly more sophisticated caffeine-inducer as compared to coffee because of its British roots, seems to be left out of the conversation. Yes, tea-drinkers abound, but here in the Philippines coffee-drinkers seem to outnumber them. It’s not just in our culture.

Which is all the more reason we should try something new. This isn’t just tea. This isn’t just milk tea. It’s hot milk tea, and it tastes pretty freakin’ amazing, if you ask me. Served warm, it still retains the creaminess of the milk you crave in milk tea and the caffeine of coffee without going overboard on both. The perfect balance.

If you want to know how to do it, take it from Lipton themselves they know best:


How to make it:
Pour 1 sachet of Lipton 3-in-1 Milk Tea
Add 150ml hot water
Stir with a spoon to blend evenly.

Alternatively, you can use 60ml of hot water and fill your cup up with ice to enjoy it cold.

Trust us, try it out, and thank us later. It may just be your most favorite thing ever.

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