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We’re freaking out over IV of Spades’ merch

We’re freaking out over IV of Spades’ merch

This is not a drill. Our favorite musical genius trio have proved their A-game in dropping surprises once again. Just this night, IV of Spades have launched their official merchandise on Shopee, leaving fans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter squealing their shocked and satisfied selves out. Most of all, seriously wanting to get a hold of everything.

Well, the love we have for IV of Spades is the kind that always seem to wait for something more—may it be a new music video, a new international guesting, or finally, an album, but we’re equally blood-rushed with the thought of being able to wear our hearts beyond our sleeves now, of course.

Visit the IV of Spades merchandise page on Shopee here. From bucket hats to ringer shirts, we definitely want to cop everything—can you just imagine how it gets extremely more fun to see Zild, Blaster, and Badjao while wearing Zild, Blaster, and Badjao? We clad ourselves in orange and black from this day forward.





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