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UP made it to the UAAP finals and we’re freaking out

UP made it to the UAAP finals and we’re freaking out

Consider me a basketball fan now, because UP finally made it to the UAAP finals. It would be criminal not to cheer for the Fighting Maroons when they’ve come this far, breaking decades-old records to bring glory to the University. For people who know next to zero about the team’s history, myself included, allow me to do a little research for everyone as a PSA on why this is a big deal.

The UP Fighting Maroons basketball team last made it to the UAAP Finals 32 years ago in 1986. The team last qualified for the Final Four in 1997, ending the 21-year drought with a 16-point win against the DLSU Green Archers. Today, Nov. 28, was the team’s do-or-die semifinals battle against the Adamson Soaring Falcons after UP won a tight 2-point lead game against them last Saturday, prompting a deciding match on who gets to enter the finals.

UP brings home a triumphant win with an 89-87 score against the Falcons, earning them a place in the finals—and history, too.

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