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No, Eraserheads is not performing for game 2 of the UAAP Finals


False alarm, everyone. Eraserheads is not reuniting for #UAAPFinals. Frontman of the legendary band, Ely Buendia, confirmed in his Twitter an hour ago.

Rumors sparked as fans of the Eraserheads got hyped up over Raimund Marasigan’s recent Twitter video. With the drummer’s caption reading—“praktis before game 2”—fans’ hope for a timely reunion started to rise up.

Posted last Monday night, it shows the band playing an instrumental of their track “Minsan.” Their lead vocalist and guitarist Ely Buendia, lead guitarist Marcus Adoro, and bassist Buddy Zabala are seen practicing in the video. Raimund, their drummer, is off frame.

These rumors were put to rest after Ely’s recent tweet. With the post, the frontman confirmed that the “blonde guy” in the video was not him. He does wish both UAAP teams luck, though.

This 30-second video sparked rumors in social media of a possible E-heads reunion for UAAP’s Game 2. After all, the band are former Iskos and were formed in UP as well. It’ll be perfect if UP’s possible victory will have everyone head banging to their classic tracks.

But sadly, that’s all wishful thinking now. At least we have our copy of Ultraelectromagneticpop to comfort us in this hard time. 



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