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Agape’s ‘Born of the Spirit’ lookbook is all about reinvention


“‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit,” this is from John 3:5-8. It’s a thought-provoking Bible verse and the main springboard of Agape’s newest collection.

Muntinlupa-based brand Agape is known for keeping the faith alive in their work. In their latest release, they pushed their own limits by churning out some new ideas. “It’s just a variation of a design and we execute it in different ways, if that makes sense. Right now, we have more options because we’ve been experimenting in different colorways for our tees and hoodies,” Gio Manlangit of Agape tells us.

Born of the Spirit is all about trying something new. Apart from their usual monochrome options, Agape ventures into pastel colorways with this latest drop. In the collection, they also dipped their toes into tie-dye clothing’s resurgence. They didn’t waste any time applying this innovative energy into their lookbook video.

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“We thought of releasing a lookbook that will somehow look different from the previous one,” he explains. The concept for this release is to produce a short hip-hop music video to accompany their lookbook. To make this possible, Gio collaborated with close friends, like Ronman Laylo from shoegaze band/Furiosa residents Ozzga.

Even though Agape’s trying on some new ventures, the brand remains loyal to their ethos, which is to keep grinding while never forgetting their kinfolk. “We’re focusing on creating something that resonates with me, my crew or my immediate circle, and the community I live with. Agape will be loyal to its roots and what we believe in.”
In the months to come, we can expect more drops and collabs coming our way. This young brand is keeping it fresh—and we’re keeping tabs on them.

Check out their lookbook below.

Model: Ronman Laylo
Shot by: Rajo Serrano, Andrea Beatrice, and Kyla Reblora

Photo from Agape



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