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Let BEDSPACER’s latest track “Elixir” take you to the seaside

Ready earthlings? The genderless alien who’s starting to take over our playlist has something new for us. Earlier today, BEDSPACER has finally dropped their first track under their latest label. And it’s making us yearn for the sea breeze. 

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“Elixir” is the title of BEDSPACER’s latest track. The first notes of the track resemble the feeling of arriving on the shores of the beach, finally escaping the city life’s humdrum routine. “Back straight, arms up/‘cause I’m about to dive” makes up the chorus of the song. We know we’re barely at the end of January, but listening to this track is firing up our escapism tendencies. 

There’s so much innocence laced in this track. It’s nostalgic, but at the same time, it reels you into a childhood memory of visiting the beach for the first time in your life. For anyone who wants to sit back and relax for a couple of minutes, playing this track in the background might get you to that sweet spot. 

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What else would this extraterrestrial have for us this 2019? Sick yet melodic beats? Maybe more tracks on the way? Whatever their future release might be, “Elixir” is a great step for new things.

Listen to the track below: 

Photo from BEDSPACER


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