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Sailor Saturn (finally) takes the spotlight in the ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ teaser

Finally, some good news to start the week: Sailor Saturn is finally showing her transformation for all you shojo fans.

In the teaser  on Toei Animations’ YouTube  channel, we witness Hotaru Tomoe’s full Super transformation in the upcoming “Sailor Moon Eternal,” whose release in Japan  last month was delayed due to the coronavirus crisis.


Sailor Saturn is seen wielding a different kind of staff (fans can correct me if I’m wrong), but with the original Saturn crystal theme still intact.

After a 26-year cinema drought, “Sailor Moon Eternal,” which will be shown as two feature-length films, is  ready to bring “fans a new adventure for the Sailor Scouts as the movies adapt one of the biggest storylines that were told in the pages of the manga.” says an article from Comicbook. “With all 10 of the Scouts appearing in the final film that just hit theaters in Japan, we imagine there will be more than a few shojo fans looking to watch the movies for themselves.” 

Clearly, “Sailor Moon,” which was first released in 1992 based on Naoko Takeuchi’s manga of the same name, still vibes with  fans and hasn’t lost its luster even among the Gen Z audience. Allow us to prepare with this hella cute makeup line.

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Still from ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ teaser


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