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Five Outfit Tips to Weather the Rainy Season

Five Outfit Tips to Weather the Rainy Season

By Danice Abril
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Say goodbye to the blazing hot season of El Niño and hello to the cold and damp temperatures of La Niña. Don’t let the season be a hindrance for you to stay on top of the fashion game, since anyone is more than capable to stay #rainydaychic on even the stormiest of days.

Thanks to social media and the unwritten rules of Instagram, style in the Philippines seems like a fight to keep up and stay in the scene, regardless of weather. Filipinos have been known to wear sweaters even in the hottest of seasons just for the sake of a successful OOTD shot. Survival of the fittest, if you may. With that, here are some tips on staying warm but fashionably on point.


  1. Layers. Layers. Layers.

Now’s the perfect chance for layers, people. A classic move to stay warm in the cold is to dump multiple layers of clothing onto your body. You can pick several pieces that accentuate each other perfectly. A plain top with your choice of bottoms (cropped pants would be ideal with all the flooding that happens in this country), plus a colorful cover-up would have you good to go. Throw in a scarf to tie the whole look together. The combinations are endless.




  1. A hoodie is your best friend

Hoodies are like the unsung heroes of one’s closet when it’s raining cats and dogs on the outside. Its versatility makes it easier for waterproof millennials to pair the piece with almost anything, causing it to become as much as an essential as one’s beloved umbrella. Though hoodies can actually be the one key to making an entire outfit pop. Feeling a bit plain? A colored hoodie can brighten it up and do the trick.




  1. Denim

Denim is an all-around, classic fashion piece. It’s always on trend and will always be a reliable go-to item when making a statement or adding finishing touches on a good outfit. A denim jacket can go with just about everything—with the added advantage of keeping anyone warm and snug. As for having them as bottoms, opt for cropped denim jeans to prevent unwanted, pesky baha from wrecking great style.




  1. Knitted wear

Whether it’s a sweater, a cardigan, or even a dress, knitted pieces are famous options for the cold, wet season. Other than giving the luxury of warmth, it is also insanely easy to pair with any other type of clothing. An oversize knitted sweater and a pair of leggings will leave you with a casual and effortlessly chic look.





  1. Restock on jackets

Jackets have been on the rise everywhere thanks to the promise of storms and raging winds. Bomber jackets, leather jackets, blazers, parkas–you name it and you’re bound to stumble upon them in any clothing store you visit. I personally think it’s a good touch in almost any style you would want to pull off.



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