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Spending V-Day with the barkada is actually a good move

Valentine’s Day is coming up again. Why is Feb. 14 so exclusive for couples alone and for brokenhearted people to mourn? It’s ridiculous. I mean, there’s other types of love out there. The love for family, self-love (shout out to #SelfLove2019), and of course the love for the barkada.

It’s time to celebrate and kick it back with the people who are there for us through thick and think—the barkada.

Our barkada is there for us on almost every moment of our lives. When we were heartbroken, they dragged us to the nearest bar and became our shoulder to cry on. When we crammed our way during thesis season, they kept the coffee brewing and stayed up late with us. And of course, when we all graduated, they partied and drank the night away with us.
So shouldn’t our barkada get the platonic equivalent of chocolates and flowers this V-day too?
Yes, they definitely should. Let’s not get cheesy with the rom-com fantasy this year. It’s time to celebrate and kick it back with the people who are there for us through thick and think—the barkada. No, we’re not going to wine and dine the gang. But we do have a few ideas on how to make this V-day with them less cheesy and sweeter (in a cool way, duh).

Have a romcom drinking game marathon

Here’s an idea: invite the squad for a night in instead of a night out. Let’s veer away from the couples smitten at public places. Why not stay in, live our fantasies, and have a rom-com marathon instead?
We get it—romcoms are not everyone’s cup of tea. But it is better with an ice cold glass of beer and a little dash of competition. Spice up this mandatory V-day rom-com marathon with a little friendly drinking game amongst friends. Make up your own rules on how to play it. For example; when the barkada is watching When Harry Met Sally, drink every time when you hear the word “New York” or if someone’s talking on the phone.
It makes romcom marathons bearable. And maybe, you guys can finally figure out who’s a secret romcom junkie amongst the barkada. (Hint: it’s usually your resident goth chick or jock)

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Sweat the tears out in the arcade

“We’re all unlucky in love sometimes. When I am, I go jogging. The body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears,” He Qiwu says in Wong Kar Wai’s Chungking Express. Now, let’s keep in mind that Valentine’s Day triggers the brokenhearted to do stupid things. Chat their ex up, hit them up, or even worse, go to their house and cry outside.
Let’s apply that Chungking Express ASAP and get the barkada sweating. But why limit it in the context of exercise? Time to make things fun by dragging the barkada to the local arcade. One up your squad’s dancer at Just Dance, test the squad’s bond by having a mini-Tekken tournament or have an intense ice hockey game so loud that strangers will start staring.
Turn those tears to sweat in an instant. And if that one friend had their feelings get the best of them, take a breather. Best to drag them to the local bar with some water, alcohol, and a bunch of munchies. If we can’t sweat the sadness out, we’re eating our feelings out.

Rent a karaoke room to belt the feels out

The barkada is made up of different people; crazy in love, experiencing puppy love, unrequited AF, and the halamans forever. But as the ancient Filipinos that came before us used to say; “Nations will come and sing together during karaoke night.”
Now, karaoke night could be during any night you want it in. This includes Valentine’s Day. Grab the barkada, rent a room in a karaoke place, and belt all of your collective lungs out like you own the place. Dance your heart out to some k-pop tracks, sing off key to the entire Aegis catalog, or watch everyone’s diva friend show off.
Sing it out while getting drunk or belt it out while sober. Either way, it’s always nice to bond over karaoke. Singing our feelings out is a good ice breaker compared to straight up talking about our emotions.

Have a good old fashion pub crawl

What’s a better way to celebrate a friendship than a late night adventure together? Go bar hopping in the dive-in bars of Poblacion or roam around Cubao Expo while searching for the ultimate drink.
It can be as simple as a chillnuman out with friends or a walwalan night to (maybe not) remember, it’s up to the barkada to decide. Whatever decision the rest of you land on, take time to enjoy the company of each other and what you have gone throughout the years. Relationships and flings might not have that longevity all the time. But at least you have the barkada to kick it back with you through the good times and bad.

Cheesy, right? Give it a free pass—it’s Valentine’s Day anyway.
While kicking it back with friends this V-Day, put some San Miguel Flavored beer cans inside the cooler. SMFB comes in Apple, Lemon, and their newest flavor, Lychee. It’s the most delicious and refreshing fruity alcohol drink that triggers fun and spontaneous moments with the barkada.

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