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Instituto Cervantes celebrates female filmmakers with free film screenings

Oscars 2019 might have shut out women in their “Best Picture” and “Best Director” categories. But Instituto Cervantes are paying homage to female filmmakers this Women’s Month. Starting March 9, they will be holding “Espacio Femenino: Spanish and Filipino Female Filmmakers,” a film cycle featuring works of the unsung heroes in the industry.

We can expect works from both Spanish and Filipino female filmmakers, who are deviating from the male-centric gaze in cinema today. Don’t know what films to watch? Here’s a guide from us that might help you out.

Los Amores Cobardes (2018)

Eva comes back to her hometown for summer vacation after being gone for six years. She rekindles relationships with her family and close friends. But what caught her off guard is meeting her ex-boyfriend Ruben. During her vacation, she decides to give him a second chance while remembering the reasons why didn’t work out.

A Palabra Xusta (2016)

This documentary is about a 92-year-old teacher who returns to a house that stood the test of time. She has a conversation with her memories through old photographs, including that of the love of her life, Antonio Beiras.

Café Para Llevar (2014)

In need of a caffeine fix while planning her wedding through the phone, Alicia goes in the first cafe she sees. Unfortunately, someone important from her past is there.

Una Vez (2015)

Not much information is found about the film online. But it is directed by two female filmmakers, María Guerra and Sonia Madrid. It is set on a beauty salon where the narratives of its customers and hairdressers start to hinge on one another.

Camino De Agua Para Un Pez (2016)

One night Oscar sees a little goldfish jumping on a dirty puddle. But as this little goldfish lives on his merry night, two cats are lurking in the shadows, waiting to make a meal out of the fish. This pushes Oscar for a midnight adventure he won’t forget.

Einstein-Rosen (2016)

In the summer of 1982, two brothers explore a possible wormhole that appeared out of nowhere.

Gikan sa Ngitngit nga Kinaidlaman (2017)

This is a film tackling the bleak, somber, and all the more real plight of the working class. It is a surreal yet haunting take on the everyday problems that citizens of this Third World country experience on a daily.

Con El Viento (2017)

Monica is a dancer in Buenos Aires. She receives a disturbing call from her sister Elena, alerting her that their father is ill. Her return to her hometown in Burgos reopens old wounds that would eventually help heal everyone in her family.

Catch “Espacio Femenino: Spanish and Filipino Female Filmmakers”  at Instituto Cervantes Intramuros, located at Plaza San Luis Complex, Intramuros from March 9 to March 30. Free admission to all screenings on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further information please log on to Instituto Cervantes’ website Instituto Cervantes’ Facebook page, or call Instituto Cervantes at (632) 526-1482.


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