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There’s one less lonely girl with these “boyfriend hug” speakers

There’s one less lonely girl with these “boyfriend hug” speakers

Are all my single otaku ladies (or people in general) reading this? Our lonely nights of wanting to date our 2D senpai are over. Bye bye, boyfriend body pillows. Hello, “boyfriend hug” speakers! 

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This is Japan’s newest invention for the thirsty and the lonely. “Hero of Maiden Hugging Speakers” serves as a promotion for Otome Yusha (Hero of Maiden), a mobile RPG where players can play as conventionally attractive men. According to SoraNews24’s article, the game’s objective is to save the world through love…whatever that means.

We’re clueless on Hero Maiden’s gameplay. But so far, we’re in love with their innovative merch.

In Otome Yusha’s video, they illustrate how these speakers are used. It’s similar to the concept of anime body pillows, but they offer more than synthetic hugs. Players of the game can go on realistic dates with these characters as these speakers are Bluetooth ready as well.

If you’re devoid of shame in your entire body, you can lug this pair of arms around for a date. Interested in getting a pair yourself? Well too bad, there’s only one in stock and it’s for Otome Yusha’s giveaway. 

Win these speakers by following Otome Yusha’s Twitter, and/or tweet a link to their site by using these hashtags #オトメ勇者 and #抱きしめスピーカープレゼント (#OtomeYusha and #HugSpeakersPresent). Their contest ends on Aug. 9 so you better stay ready.

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Do single nerds dream of electric boyfriends? We probably do. But before AI/robot boyfriends become the norm, we have to settle with these pair of arms and anime body pillows. Or you know, settle for real people as romantic partners.

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