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Kiana Valenciano is definitely vivid in ‘See Me’ album

Kiana Valenciano is definitely vivid in ‘See Me’ album

Getting a name for yourself because you deserve it. This was one of the things we talked about with our SCOUT 33 cover girl Kiana Valenciano months ago. It definitely wasn’t the be-all end-all success story that can be written about her, since we already knew how much more she could reach after that. Speaking of it, her album drop yesterday just proves the prediction. Just about time. Her first full-length creation, See Me, is more than just a 10-track dance-inducer.

“Get Together” is armed with the involuntary quirks we do when we’re pumped up-happy: claps, “dududus,” and “paparapas.” It’s as funky as it can get, with trumpets supplementing the perfectly-timed techno-pop beats. The next track, “5:30” sounds like a prelude to this by-the-closet morning mood booster. With its smooth pace and raw lyricism, it’s an easy add to any playlist. The tropic-like, multi-layered sound, “Selfish” is a roller coaster story. It’s as if it touches the workings of our mind. The listening party turns a bit soft in “Want You,” but drags heavily to the intricacies of the last track, “Soldier.” Add in some suave guitar and the easy flexes of Kiana’s voice, then it definitely becomes a treat.

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Of course, dazzling 2018 track “See Me” is also on board. Another thing to note on this album is it is a result of teamwork. There’s Moophs in chill-resonating “33Firefly.” Thanks to some of the members of Careless Music Manila, the remaining songs in the lineup were also made more flavorful, vivid, conversational. There’s a reunion collaboration with Curtismith in “Keep It Secret,” with KINGwAw in drunk call-like “Faded, Love,” and “K Bye” with Sofia, a sassy track interpretation of good, good riddance.

We can definitely see who Kiana Valenciano is now: a musician who can fearlessly twist and turn her sound. In the future, we hope to see Kiana in more places, like bigger, brighter stages.

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