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Let’s talk about the workplace’s role in menstrual health


Good news came in the office today. Hinge, the parent company of Scout, is giving its employees functional, silicone-made, eco-friendly Sinaya Cups. But, as some girls said upon hearing this news, what the heck are these cups?

Menstrual cups serve as the more sustainable and safer—for both the user and the environment—alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons. As you can see in this chart, it provides the user internal and external comfort in various situations.

These menstrual cups honor every girl’s wish of having a less costly, less noticeable, less uncomfortable, and less environmentally-detrimental period partner.

Hinge has always pushed for employee healthcare as much as it did for environmental awareness. The company issues a plant for every desk and employee. Scout magazine is even printed on recycled paper with biodegradable ink, so it’s not a surprise to see health and environment coming into play again, now in the form of period protection.

As part of Hinge’s continuing advocacies, our group publisher Bea Ledesma chose Sinaya because “it’s a local company and we want to support local.”

This is just one of the many steps towards employee healthcare that we all hope organizations in the Philippines will consider. What are other things employers should take note of if they want to keep their employees’ well-being afloat?

There’s a long list, for sure, and menstrual health is an impactful matter. And yes, we’re talking about this. Because we shouldn’t be ashamed of how our body works.

Know how to use Sinaya Cups here.


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