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A Britney-inspired musical is in the works


There’s good news for us loyal Britney Spears stans, and it’s pretty rad. According to The New York Times, Broadway veteran James Nederlander reveals that he’s making a Britney musical. Announced on Mar. 12, this musical comedy called Once Upon a One More Time will not only feature Spears’ discography, but will also be “an alternative arc for some classic fairy tale princesses.”

What does this mean? Instead of featuring the life of our legendary pop icon, jukebox musical Once Upon a One More Time will dig in a “revisionist look at some legendary characters” of our storybooks. These women are expected to “get deeper into modern ideas,” which include “second and third wave feminism.” Oh wow, we love a socio-political plot twist.

Broadway Chicago might be giving us early hints about the song list too. According to their website, the pop princess’ early tracks like “Oops! I Did It Again,” “Lucky,” to “Circus,” and “Toxic” from a different Britney era “ignite this adventure.”

The story will revolve around a book club composed of Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Sleeping Beauty. While reading Grimms’ fairy tales (apparently, the only book they know) and eventually wishing for a new book, a fairy godmother instead hands them the feminist classic “The Feminine Mystique.”

Once Upon a One More Time will run from Oct. 29 to Nov. 13 at the James M. Nederlander Theater in Chicago, USA. As for a Philippine run, we can only confess that we still believe (still believe). I hope they could give us a sign. Maybe if they hit us one more time.

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