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Billie Eilish tells us the reason behind @wherearetheavocados


Every music festival has its highlights: the jaw dropping lineup, the larger-than-life crowd swaying to the rhythm of the music, and the dazzling spectacle right in front of your eyes.

When we attended St. Jerome’s Laneway Singapore 2018, the highlights were getting to talk to some of this year’s performers: exciting young artists brimming with talent. We got to spend some time talking to Malaysian pop artists alextbh, smooth R&B supergroup The Internet, and of course, young American crooner Billie Eilish.

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We sat down with Billie where she explained her Instagram username to us, why she thought of fashion is her safety net, and having her own fashion label in the future.

So we heard you are keen on having a fashion label. When will it launch and what are your plans for it?
Oh my god. I don’t even know. Honestly, I want it to be as soon as possible. It could be next week. Probably not. That’s what I want. 

What would it be about?
I really like to be judged, so I think I make clothes where people can judge me a little bit. Not necessarily in a bad way. It’s just that I like to be seen. It’s usually through clothing. Clothing is like my boundary. It’s kind of my safety net. It’s like my security guard. 

It’s a way of expression. What you wear is who you wanna be.

Was fashion always something you’ve been interested in?
I think subconciously, yes. I never really thought of fashion in terms of runways. It’s never like that. I don’t even know what to call it. I always wear what I like to wear. Since I was born, no one’s ever dressed me. I wear pajamas with underwear outside because it looks cool.

As I kind of grew up, fashion really became my safety. It’s literally my safety barrier. If I am not wearing something comfortable, mentally, I am not happy. It’s a way of expression. What you wear is who you wanna be. 

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What’s the story behind your Instagram handle, @wherearetheavocados?
I was home alone. I was 11. I made grilled cheese and I’m like, “I want some avocados.” And I looked in the kitchen, the whole house, the yard, and everywhere I could look. I was screaming, “where are the avocados?” super loud. I never found them but I remember standing in front of the refrigerator open at my face screaming, “where are the avocados?” and I’m like, “oh my God, it’d be so funny if I made it my Instagram username. So I did it like a joke but I just kept it. But it’s a thing now.

If there’s one person you’d like to collaborate with, who would it be and why?
Tyler the Creator. He’s been like the main influence I’ve had. Everything he does, everything he says and wears, it’s spot on for me. He’s such a genius. It’s insane.

This story was originally published in our 31st issue and has been edited for web. The digital copy of Scout’s 31st issue is accessible here.



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