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Phum Viphurit’s “Hello, Anxiety” embodies our emotional breakdowns


Hey, Phum stans! Our lover boy has dropped a new single today. Phum Viphurit, the sunny boy from Thailand, revealed another side of himself in “Hello, Anxiety.” This is probably the most personal track he’s ever made yet after a heap of songs that revolved around love. Think “Long Gone,” “Strangers in a Dream,” and “The Art of Detaching One’s Heart,” among others. It’s still as heart-tugging, though.

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His latest song, “Hello, Anxiety,” narrates a day in the life of someone who battles against frequent dashes of worries. The stages are laid out. There’s this sense of acknowledgment that the feeling is present as he sings, “Hello, anxiety. You’ve come to keep me company.” It doesn’t stay this way, though, for after the recognition comes to a sense of doing “the art of letting go.” “It’s time we part, I need to sleep,” he says to the heavy bulk of feeling.

On Instagram, the singer-songwriter also talked about his writing experience. Just as we guessed, “Hello, Anxiety,” is a personal take from his own moments of “self-doubt, stress, and eventual peace.”

The track reflects the reality of masking our pains as well. Just like how the happy beats of the song cover up its gloomy message, the line “the night is rough, you know? I’ve cried but I won’t dare to let it show,” explains our undeniable coping mechanism. In the end, Phum lifts the journey with us with a repeating affirmation: That all of us, not only him, will be fine. This is definitely my go-to track for breakdown-inducing nights from now on.

Supplemented by the suave bass lines, relevant reverb, and the signature Phum pop bop, “Hello, Anxiety” is both an embrace and a dance buddy. Maybe dance with the demons and leaving them on the dance floor too?

Listen to “Hello, Anxiety” here:

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