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Elon Musk releases “RIP Harambe” track on SoundCloud

Elon Musk releases “RIP Harambe” track on SoundCloud

“RIP Harambe, sipping on some Bombay.”

Monday always makes us feel all kinds of strange stuff. Elon Musk, whom we’d like to say is the magnet of the most WTF-is-this kind of news, gave us another reason to type his name in our search bars again. The Tesla CEO and undeniable social media man dropped a track called “RIP Harambe.” This is posted on the SoundCloud account of Emo G Records, his own established record label. What a very Elon Musk thing to do, right?

Autotune-drowned and heavily infectious, “RIP Harambe” reminds us of the 2016 incident that led Cincinnati Zoo gorilla Harambe to his demise: “Harambe, we love you. We’re thinking about you.” Elon Musk said it might be “his finest work.” Well, why not?

Listen to “RIP Harambe” here:

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