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UV Express tunes are now a Spotify playlist


Bouncing to different PUVs everyday forced us to form our little routines. For UV Express warriors, the general routine is as follows: Get up at the crack of dawn, fight fellow commuters for a seat, and ride out the traffic by listening to the driver’s ’80s to ’90s dad rock. 

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If you want to bring kuya’s Manila traffic jam mix at home, there’s a Spotify playlist just for that. 

Spotify user Jan Carlo dela Peña reached viral heights when his well-curated playlist garnered 4,000 likes and shares on Facebook. What’s the appeal of his personal playlist, you ask? It’s dedicated to familiar tracks playing throughout our UV Express trips. For non-commuters, this means it’s an onslaught of dad rock classics by Michael Learns to Rock, Chicago, Air Supply, and many more. 

Jan Carlo dela Peña’s “UV Express playlist” has 238 songs. Filled with hits we’re forced to sit through (and low-key jam to) during rush hours, the playlist raked in 45,986 followers as of press time.

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Looks like God isn’t the real DJ around these parts— all this time it’s actually been PUV drivers.

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