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Scout Friday Picks: Jensen Gomez of Jensen and the Flips

Scout Friday Picks: Jensen Gomez of Jensen and the Flips


Take it home, Jensen.

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t once listened to soul and r&b band Jensen and the Flips. Also, it’s incredibly hard to dislike their insanely catchy but smooth sound, thanks to the mix of multiple instruments as well as percussion. Naturally, their unique vibe (yep, they’re also that band who plays gigs in uniformed white polos) quickly huge traction after their debut in 2013, then releasing their first album called Honeymoon. Notable songs from the album include “Lovechild,” “Borrowed,” “Dangerous,” and “Is This Love.”

This week, we asked Flips’ frontman himself, Jensen Gomez, to note down his favorite moodmaker tracks–songs to get that girl (or guy). And it’s the only appropriate theme considering their suave and charming lyrics. Check out his playlist below:

1. “Climax” – Usher 
That head tone to start off the song will always get the girl’s attention.”

2. “Everybody Here Wants You” – Jeff Buckley
Because it’s sexy.”

3. “’Til the End of Time” – Justin Timberlake
You can never go wrong the JT.”

4. “Turnin’ Me Up” – BJ the chicago kid
It’s hard not to groove on this one.”

5. “Simplethings” – Miguel
“Actually, anything Miguel will do the trick.”


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By Grace de Luna and Denise Fernandez
Photos by Patrick Segovia


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