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Yolanda Moon’s “Lipas” is a somber track about loss


Yolanda Moon’s first track of 2019 is a heavy one. Released last Friday, “Lipas” gives us a somber look on how we deal with loss.

“As promised, the new single. Took a long time to get this song just right. Hope you guys get to enjoy this single as much as we enjoyed crafting it through,” the band introduces their track on their official Facebook page.

It may have taken a while for the band to get “Lipas” out, but it’s worth the wait.

The song opens with a repetetive drum pattern, while the guitar gives contrast with its ever-changing licks and weight. The synths elevate it to another level as it supports the vocalist’s otherworldly thoughts. “‘Pag ‘to’y lumipas na, ‘wag makalimot / ‘pag ‘to’y lumipas na, langit aabot,” their vocalist croons.

Lipas” is about the strong emotions we feel when we mourn an absent presence that will never return. Although it’s heavy, the song sends out a substantial and necessary message to the weary.

Expect something new from them every month starting now. And as the band said on their Facebook announcement, “Cheers to the new YOMO.”



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