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Mark Redito’s “break silence” is making us cry-dance hard

Mark Redito’s “break silence” is making us cry-dance hard

We love, love, love Mark Redito in this household. So when he dropped this fresh track off his upcoming EP, we kind of got lost into the groove.
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His latest track “break silence” is a great signifier on what to expect from his forthcoming LP. Titled as Neutropical, he describes the overall vibe of the album as “tropical emo” in his Twitter post. And as former emo kids, we’re ready for this to conquer us (if it hasn’t already).

Featuring vocals by LA-based singer Shel Bee, the new track’s words are rather bittersweet, mixed with a beat you can get down to. “The song is about a relationship seemingly near its end. Both parties are aware but waiting for each other to communicate. Deadlock,” Mark describes in his Facebook post. “I feel like life can be like that sometimes—there’re so many things that are uncertain and sometimes things don’t resolve or work out. Have you ever felt that way too?”

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If that doesn’t make anyone want to cry-dance, we don’t know what will. What we do know is that we’re adding this new track to our summer 2019 playlist.

While we wait for Mark’s Neutropical to drop, here’s a little video we did back in 2017. It might be two years ago but his advice is still golden. Check it out below:

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