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Suicide Squad Is Just Getting Butchered Out There

Suicide Squad Is Just Getting Butchered Out There

The much-awaited and heavily-hyped DC antihero movie Suicide Squad is finally hitting theaters this week, and the early verdicts are coming in. Spoiler alert: none of them are good.

Critics everywhere are slamming it, and the consensus seems to be that it tries to be the pa-cool comic book movie by putting in a couple of well-known villains (namely, Harley Quinn and the Joker) but never really following through on how cool it wants to be.

There’s that, and there are so many other concerns with the film: The Wrap complains of the movie not being too fun, Vanity Fair even goes so far to claim it as being worse than last year’s Fantastic Four (as though such a thing could actually be possible, but apparently it is), EW claims that Jared Leto’s Joker is wasted in the script. Apparently, only he, Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn), and Viola Davis (as Amanda Waller) stand out in the movie—not much is said of Will Smith and his portrayal of Deadshot. What did you expect from a movie that had to be reshot to add more jokes?

Of course, film criticism doesn’t always jive with what the public wants. Despite Batman v Superman being a terrible superhero movie, there was still a sizable part of the audience that liked it despite (or for) what it was. Early fan opinions seem to indicate that the movie wasn’t BvS-terrible, but it wasn’t the DC savior they all thought it was going to be. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you, and you should try your hardest to not let anyone else’s opinion influence the way you enjoy something.

One thing’s for sure, though—all the pressure is now on Wonder Woman and Justice League to do really, really well.



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