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We won’t be seeing any more plastic surgery filters on Instagram

We won’t be seeing any more plastic surgery filters on Instagram

It’s time to say goodbye to magically giant lips and Maleficent-sharp cheekbones on Instagram.

In an Oct. 18 Facebook post, Instagram’s face filter company Spark AR issued a statement that it will be banning all effects “associated with plastic surgery.” They will also be postponing approval of any plastic surgery-related filters ‘till further notice.

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This is to champion a healthy self-image among Instagram users. This follows Instagram’s policy of banning minors from viewing weight-loss ads.

Last year, a trend of getting plastic surgery to look like a Snapchat or Instagram filter emerged. That’s enough proof that VR filters can damage our self-image.

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Along with Instagram’s ban on weight-loss ads for minors, this can potentially help stop propagate unrealistic beauty standards, which is why we’re on board with the move. Instagram might only be one platform, but it still matters that a prominent app is taking a concrete step towards protecting mental health.

Now, let’s end the double standard on nipple censorship, shall we?

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