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Oh, Flamingo and The Ransom Collective will drop new merch this May

Oh, Flamingo and The Ransom Collective will drop new merch this May

Prepare your wallets, Ransom fans and mga ka-birds!  Our two indie-pop faves are launching a new merch line real soon. 

On May 11, The Ransom Collective and Oh, Flamingo! are holding a gig launch for their fresh merch. Joining them on their collab merch launch are Dicta License, Syd Hartha, and Cheats. Not only are we getting new merch, but we’re also getting amazing tunes from these bands. 

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There are a lot of exciting things happening with Ransom and Oh, Flam! recently. Last February, Oh, Flamingo! made us emotional for a sheet ghost in their “Four Corners” MV. As for The Ransom Collective, they’re gearing up for their first 2019 single, “I Don’t Care.” Its worldwide launch will go down on May 3. 

Unfortunately, both bands haven’t released a sneak peek of their new merch line. Will the Oh, Flam’s merch be similar to their old merch line last year? Maybe Ransom’s merch will take inspiration from Talking Head’s albums, just like their teaser for “I Don’t Care.” It’s all still wrapped in mystery with excitement as the bow on top. 

Looks like May is a good month for indie-pop fans out there. 

photo from The Ransom Collective’s Facebook page 



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