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This quiz helps you pick 12 senators who share your stand

This quiz helps you pick 12 senators who share your stand

In this year’s elections, there’s a total of 62 candidates vying for the 12 senatorial seats. While frequent debates and online campaigns do help reveal which platforms make the cut in saving the Philippines from hopelessness, the load of information might still have us take a long time to develop a final verdict. It gets a little TMI at times, and we just want to know who are those that fight for the things we want to fight for.

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Luckily, there’s a quiz for that. Before we shade our ballots on May 13, we might want to try answering this certain senatorial candidate quiz by data strategist Ryan Yu. This device kills our confusion by identifying which candidates share similar stances with us, from divorce to TRAIN Law to the second installment of Oplan Tokhang. Think BuzzFeed quizzes, but for politics.

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For the first part, few of the biggest key issues of the country are listed down, each with a corresponding rating scale you are ought to answer. Are you against, in favor, or haven’t made your stand yet? When you’re done answering all items, a ranked list of “suggested” senatorial candidates are revealed for your consideration. These top choices are likely to have the same opinions as you do given the limited number of key issues in the quiz.

After casting your verdict, you can also view short profiles of the candidates, and see which areas you both agreed on.

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While this quiz helps greatly in filtering out our choices and easily digesting information we need to know, educating ourselves beyond this device is still encouraged. After all, there may still be a lot of other key issues we are all concerned with, like the jeepney phaseout or our agreements with China. Still, this online exam is a good step to picking leaders with the awareness that anything they advocate for will really affect the nation; thus, driving us away from choosing candidates just because they’re popular or can bravely crack a joke.

Answer the quiz here.

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