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Pastels should be a welcome addition to your closet

Pastels should be a welcome addition to your closet

Trust us, mint green, salmon pink, and coral are easy to wear


Remember when everyone was playing My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” and wearing all-black outfits? Yeah? Well, I’m not one of those.

When I was younger, my mother discouraged me from wearing black, saying it would just absorb heat and make me feel hotter than I already am in Manila’s sweltering weather. I obliged. As a result, I only had two black tees in my entire teenage years: One was a school tee, while the other is a hand-me-down from my older brother.

Even today, I still don’t buy black shirts as much as I would have wanted. I only have three black tees, which I only use when all other options are in the laundry basket. Instead, I found myself favoring colors more. And no, it’s not because I want attention. Or do I? I’m a Leo.

Colors are a different story. Where others deem them intimidating, I find hues comforting and welcoming. Maroon makes me most confident. Olive is my color of comfort. Mustard makes me feel good. And the rest of the color wheel? They’re most welcome in my closet.

Uhm, all colors except pastels, maybe?

Pastels are cute. Too cute that they must be colors worn by children or during the most temperate season. I also found them too preppy for my age—I’m not that old. On top of those reasons, pastels are too light. As a sweaty commuter who likes to walk under the sun, I had a fear of not looking neat enough in pastels.

But that changed when I had nothing left in my closet other than a shirt with pastel stripes and washed denim jeans. I wore the shirt, which was hanging inside my closet for years unused, and tucked it in my jeans.

The ensemble made me feel conscious about what I look like. But to be honest, it felt cute.

Pastels instantly uplift my mood. When I wear pastels, I feel more pleasant about myself and about my day. That’s why I prefer wearing it when I’m in a bad mood. Not that bad mood strikes me every day, but I do feel the need to grow my arsenal of pastels. Who doesn’t want a mood booster, right?

The allure of pastels is in its eye-catching color, so I prefer my pastels in basic yet well-crafted cuts. After all, I don’t want to overwhelm myself with flashy silhouettes. Basic tees and bottoms also lend comfort; as a commuter, that’s a priority. You know, it’s not just all about the color. Good thread is also about the construction, allowing the wearer to move with ease.

OXGN, for one, puts comfort as priority without sacrificing the look of their clothes. Take their Premium Threads line for example. For their latest drop, they take inspiration from athleisure. They make use of light materials like brushed jersey and French terry to attain the soft finish of the clothes. The fabrics let the wearer feel comfortable in these clothes whatever they may be doing.

The collection has something to offer from head to toe, even to those who are devoted to black and earthy colors. But really, I’m all for these pastels.

OXGN Premium Threads is now available in all OXGN boutiques nationwide. Can’t go out of the house? The Premium Threads collection is also available on their site. Purchase a minimum of P1,500 and your new clothes will be delivered for free.



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