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Learn about the T in LGBTQ+ with this pay-what-you-can guidebook

Learn about the T in LGBTQ+ with this pay-what-you-can guidebook

In the Philippines, whatever letter you are in the LGBTQ+, you are labelled as bakla. No questions. Just plain bakla. For gay people, it suits them well. But what about our bisexuals? Our asexuals who’re not interested sex at all? And for our trans community who remains misunderstood today?

In this Filipino trans guidebook Euphoria, Twitter user @demonyawa breaks and unpacks misconception about the trans community—something our nation needs.  

She released the guide last May 29 on Gumroad. This timely book serves a handy guidebook on gender and what it means to be trans. According to Euphoria’s description, her book is “geared towards trans youth who want a supplement when they come out to their family, and those who’ve already come out but want to clear up any concerns.”

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Euphoria’s contents are the following: The basics on SOGIE, gender dysphoria, and transitioning. Plus, it has uber cute illustrations matching its important facts. Oh yeah, did we mention you can name your price when you purchase it? It’s pretty convenient and timely.

“No matter what that coming out experience is, one thing should be constant— your child has built up an amazing amount of trust in order to tell you they are transgender hoping to find acceptance,” she writes in the guide’s preface.

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There are so many things we can do this Pride Month. For the LGBTQ+ community, we can march and continue to voice out our needs. But another thing we can do is educate. In a religious nation like ours, it’s the brave ones that can help enlighten people on who we are.

Demonyawa’s Euphoria is a good attempt on debunking bigotry and misconceptions surrounding us.

Purchase the guidebook here.



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