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4 Instagram accounts that will spice up your mundane feed

One can get tired from the endless summer slash travel slash out-of-town pics your friend constantly posts, but even if a throwback post here and there is harmless a deep dive into the obscure can be a breath of fresh air. These Instagram pages get you out of the norm and ironically, brings you to the mundane of ‘90s aesthetic, to absurdist humor of the image, and to push the boundaries of the cultural presence of the color red. To better filter the gunk you see on your IG timeline, we made a list for your alternative, obscure choice.

1. @_dont_watch_this_

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This account explores the dark side of cryptic side of the monotonous lifestyle. The account is a project by Russian designer Alina Chaykina, it has become a study of the mundane and its disturbing counterpart. The photos featured on the page will often leave you in a state of confusion without compromising their aesthetic value.


2. @gifkids

Last Thursday Elephant x Gifkids party. 101917 Photo by @tengal

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The “gifkids” is the love-child of artist Stephie Tan, and animator Franklin Tuviera. The duo specializes in 3D animations and illustrations. Their works have been present in artist concentrated spaces such as XX XX in Makati, and Escolta in Manila. A quick look at their feed would take you to a cyberpunk storytelling through the whimsically animated.


3. @sainthoax

Artist Sainthoax claim to be a modern “poplitically incorrect” with his art that juxtaposes pop culture references with socially relevant imagery. Saudi Arabia has finally let women get behind the wheels after years of banning them to drive, being from the Middle East, Sainthoax have tackle the subject before and as a result, Princess Jasmine driving the magical carpet. The Syrian native maintains a ‘pseudononymous’ identity a la Banksy to create an uncensored platform for his sociopolitical art.


4. @aesthetictxture 


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Red eyes

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How about the color red? This page is a circulation for the color wheel and this time, red is in focus. It takes each color texture and examines its presence whether in the world, or on our face. It provides great mood board inspirations too.

Featured image from @aesthetictxture 
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