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You can now ride a Grab car with your doggo

You can now ride a Grab car with your doggo

We’ve all been there. Your pet is scheduled for a consultation with a veterinarian, and the best transportation is a Grab car. You’re all set to ride the Grab, but then the driver doesn’t want a furry pet in their car. Could it be allergies? A phobia? Or is it just because he doesn’t want pets inside the car? Well, some reasons are valid. So, you just try to rebook until you find a driver who also loves pets.

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That won’t be a problem now. Grab just updated their services with GrabPet. At first, I thought this would be a pet grooming vehicle. Sorry, it’s not. It’s just a plain Grab car for people traveling with pets. This service can accommodate dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, and turtles. If you have two Great Danes up for grooming, you can’t use GrabPet as the car can only accommodate one large pet or two small pets at a time.

Along with GrabPet, Grab also offers GrabFamily now. This service is particularly offered to riders who are traveling with a child. The car is equipped with a seat suitable for children from one to 12 years old.

Now, if you book any of these services without a pet or a child, the Grab driver may cancel the ride.

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In April of this year, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) updated their rules, allowing passengers to carry live animals inside public utility vehicles (PUVs) as long as they are kept in carriers and placed in “designated animal compartment.” Still, some PUVs don’t allow pets. And if they do allow it, drivers often tell passengers to put them in the vehicle’s hot, unventilated compartment, which is obviously unsuitable for pets. Yikes, we hope LTFRB could implement the memorandum properly. But prior to this, LTFRB didn’t allow pets (except for fowls) inside PUVs.

Upon checking the prices, GrabPet and GrabFamily have higher rates than GrabCar. Well, it’s worth it all for the love of our furry friends.

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