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All the weird, surprisingly functional rain gear we found online


And so the rainy season begins. We all have our own ways of battling the weather—a giant umbrella, a thick plastic raincoat, or do a Natasha Bedingfield and just feel the rain on your skin. 

Here at Scout, we like to take things to a level of extra-ness every now and then. Our office’s area is a bit (okay, very) prone to flooding—not a cute place to be in when the rain pours. In our quest to stay dry, we went online and scouted some storm season gear that we want to cop. In the words of Boys Like Girls, “bring on the rain and bring on the thunder.”

Capsule umbrella

Where we found it: Carousell, Lazada, Shopee

How it works: This little guy goes down to less than five inches when it’s packed, which makes it a great fit in your tote bag. The best part is that it has a capsule container (which looks like a literal medicine capsule) to keep the insides of your bag dry. It’s better to get a capsule umbrella than ingest capsules of meds from getting sick in the rain, y’all.

Raincoat ball

Where we found it: Lazada, Shopee, Carousell

How it works: Clearly, we love tiny things. This raincoat is just a few inches in diameter when packed into its keychain ball, but it unfurls into a knee length disposable raincoat to give you 360-degree rain protection. We know, disposable things aren’t the best for the environment, so we’d just keep this as an emergency item. You can also reuse the keychain ball container to keep your earphones or same spare change.

Angkas-friendly raincoat

Where we found it: Lazada, Shopee

How it works: I once had an Angkas driver who told me that he kept taking passengers even in rainy weather not for the money, but because he knew that it was the only way some people could get home to their families. The least I can do is help keep kuya safe from the rain with a motorcycle-friendly two-person raincoat. And yes, it’ll fit your helmets.

Shoe cover

Where we found it: Shopee, Lazada, Carousell, Divisoria

How it works: Ever had to face an August flash flood on the day you finally decide to wear your new kicks? Yep, not an uncommon story. Never fear, sneakerheads: We present to you shoe covers! You can step right into mud and deep puddles with this baby. Once you get home, you can just wash it off and it’s good to go for another rainy day. It’s a powerful feeling not having to jump around uneven sidewalks a la Indiana Jones.

UFO coat

Where we found it: Lazada, Daiso

How it works: Alternate product name: Area 51 ‘fit. Kidding. But this is the most… avant garde rain gear we’ve seen yet. Not quite an umbrella and not quite a raincoat, this thing will keep your shoulders dry as an el niño day. It’s a fun way to remove the hassle of holding your umbrella while keeping your body al fresco, unlike with a regular raincoat.

(P.S. There are also pet versions of this.)

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