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PSA: Around 70 dogs need your help right now

PSA: Around 70 dogs need your help right now

One of our biggest dreams is to probably live in a world where dogs are also living their best life, but right now, that dream feels far-fetched for dogs continuously left behind. Neglect comes with a sad, sad price, and the latest news about the situation of around 70 dogs right now prove it.

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On Jul. 24, Pawssion Project revealed an “emergency” on Instagram, calling anyone interested to help a large batch of abandoned dogs. They’re in one facility right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. In fact, they’re struggling to survive. The Pawssion Project team shared they sent food to the place last week, but the caretakers claimed they didn’t receive it, and worse, it was redirected somewhere else. Yesterday, Pawssion Project visited the dogs to feed a whole sack of food, and it was finished instantly. They described this as heartbreakingwho wouldn’t? Aside from having no food and water, these creatures don’t have electricity as well. 


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? This is an emergency! We need all the help that we can get for around 70 dogs in one facility that has been neglected. We cannot divulge the name of the shelter yet because the dogs are our priority now. Our hearts were broken when we saw the situation of the dogs yesterday. No water and food. We sent dog food there last week but caretakers said they never got it and we confirmed it was redirected elsewhere and that dog food was even being sold. No water and electricity because they did not pay the bills. We went to buy food and fed the dogs last night and one sack finished right away. Poor dogs really!! We have no words. We are mad and heartbroken at the same time, but our main goal now is to pull out the dogs ASAP! We need to set up emergency kennels in Bulacan today so we can pull out the dogs tomorrow or Friday the latest. Pledges for the materials may it be in cash or in kind will be very much appreciated. The fund goal for materials alone for 2 kennels is around 90,000. Receipts will be posted as soon as we get the materials. We already tried talking to the nearest hardware from the shelter and they dont allow credit. Please help us save these dogs! For donations in kind, you may send directly to the shelter (Corrugated roof, steel mattings, mesh wire, cement, hollow blocks) Donations may be made through: • Paypal [email protected] • BPI savings 3349032421 • Gcash 09778210271 • Go Fund Me – We will keep everyone posted. Praying for everyone!

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If you want to put an end to this horrifying situation our fluffy friends obviously don’t deserve, you can reach out to Pawssion Project for cash or other tangible donations, like corrugated rooves, steel mattings, mesh wires, cement, and hollow blocks. 

For monetary donations, you can send through:

PayPal – [email protected]

BPI Savings – 3349032421

Gcash – 0977 821 10271

GoFundMe –

Pawssion Project has chosen to keep the shelter name hidden.

For more information, hit up Pawssion Project.

Photo from Pawssion Project’s Twitter page


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