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Nobody’s new collection brings back the thrill and chase of street tagging

Nobody’s new collection brings back the thrill and chase of street tagging

Street art has gained popularity in the weirdest sense nowadays. Before artists like Banksy gained popularity, the act itself depended much on secrecy. Why? Making your tag on a public area after dark is what the po-po hates. Now, it has evolved into something high brow. Gaining people’s Instagram likes and having replicas of it in galleries was never the heart of it. It was always to leave a mark minus the fame. That’s what Cubao-based clothing brand Nobody did.

The clothing brand launched their storefront in early July. It’s only been a couple of weeks within the month and they’re already in their fourth collection. “Cloak and Dagger” celebrates the forgotten thrill of the chase involving graffiti art. In the midst of street art’s commercialization, Nobody reminds us of the core of it made ready to wear.

They give homage to the skate culture where the tagging is usually found. “Cloak and dagger” focused more on shirts and pullovers. It gave the front and back prints more space with having a more basic canvas.

Launching today in their storefront at Cubao Expo, this is a collaboration with ENJOY and LEAKIE that’s not the one to miss. We might be breaking the rule of theirs to not tell anybody. But to quote Nobody, we’re taking the principles of tagging to heart by not giving a s—t.

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Peek their collection below:

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Photos: Roy Cabugao
Models: Aj, Leri, Doyle

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