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Samsung Mashes Up National Anthems In New Olympics Ad To Promote Unity

Samsung Mashes Up National Anthems In New Olympics Ad To Promote Unity

As much as we try not to think about it, the reality of the world not being the safest place for people right now is pretty undeniable. Atrocities sadly seem to be happening on what looks like a weekly basis, people are afraid and divided, and the best of us are at a loss on how to really deal with all this and solve it.

Samsung, however, has taken a shot at it with their latest ad featuring their Galaxy S7 Edge and this summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. They’ve taken lines from a bunch of different national anthems from different parts of the world and mashed them up in one big, unifying world anthem, if you will. It’s not just any mashup, though—the lyrics are masterfully constructed to express a moving message.

Through our unity and harmony, we’ll remain at peace as one.
For we are young and free, with glowing hearts we see thee rise.
The day of glory has arrived, oh say can you see, a vivid ray of love and hope descends to Earth.
The people living united and progressive, join together all of our hearts as one.
Happy and glorious, listen to us gently with the infinite love.
Unity and justice and freedom, stand unchanged by wind and frost.
Offer peace to friends, and united we shall stand.

And then they top it all off by having a lot of different people (meaning, people not from the anthem’s country) sing them, also in different parts of the world.

Sucks that they couldn’t fit in a few translated lines from the Lupang Hinirang (our best bet would be “Do we behold the radiance / feel the throb / of glorious liberty“) but we had goosebumps after hearing it.

“By singing one anthem, fans and athletes across the globe can feel a shared sense of pride and unity and together celebrate collective progress, which is integral to the spirit of the Olympic Games,” said Younghee Lee, Samsung’s EVP of Global Marketing and Mobile Communications Business in a statement.

Meanwhile, now that their sponsors are promoting the hell out of it, all we have to do now is wait and see whether Rio can actually get its shit together for the Olympics.




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