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Cop these 6 beach looks from cult classic shows



The best thing about summer is that it feels like its own little infinity. From summer trips to hobbies and even relationships, each holds its own special place in our hearts. The season comes and goes, but the stories stay forever.

Summer is all about making our own stories, but sometimes we can’t help but take a little inspiration from films and TV series. Who hasn’t done the slow-mo Baywatch run? Or the Karate Kid kick on a beach shore? With a little help from The SM Store, we can bring these fantasies to life by taking inspiration from some of TV and film’s iconic beach looks.

Allie’s bandeau in The Notebook (2004)

Who can forget the iconic beach scene in The Notebook where Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling became the quintessential representation of young love? Not us. Especially that ‘70s swimsuit Allie had on, and that cute bandeau. Now it’s our turn to frolic in the frothy waters of the beach in a cute bandeau of our own. Love interest not necessary, though. We can have fun with or without one! WWW, pleated shawl (worn as headband), P299. 75. Coco Cabana, tile print bikini, P799

Daniel’s board shorts in The Karate Kid (1984)

After watching this 1984 classic on an old movies channel on TV, many of us have probably tried standing on a cylindrical pedestal of some sort and tried to do karate. What we sometimes forget is that Ralph Macchio did his training scenes with professional supervision, as opposed to us who are just floundering alone on a piece of wood. We might not be able to cop his moves save for waxing on and off, but we can cop his training look with a thigh-length colored board shorts. Coco Republic swim shorts, P299.75.

The lifeguards’ one-piece swimsuits in Baywatch (1989-2001)

The Baywatch run has become the classic beach fantasy because running with a far away I’m-going-to-save-someone’s-life look, and in slow-mo, looks badass. Of course, the “Baywatch body” doesn’t have to be a standard anymore because a beach body is any body, but that iconic one-piece swimsuit is still a lewk. Aside from the instantly recognizable firetruck red, colorful prints can also give it a more modern twist. Coco Cabana tile print swimsuit, P899.75

Chandler’s printed polo in Friends (The One With The Jellyfish, 1997)

I’ve been stung by a jellyfish or two on a beach trip, and Monica’s panicked “Damn all the jellyfish!” line is my first recall whenever it happens. We’re sorry she had to go through that experience, but at least it gave us this golden scene from Friends. Not to mention that tourist-dad-chic top that Chandler wore, which we’d totally wear even now—sans the peeing incident please. Coco Republic dress shirt, P599.75

Suzy’s woven bag from Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Honestly, isn’t this entire film the fantasy that plays in our head during our rebel phase? But now that we’re adulting, running off to be independent isn’t as fun as it seems. (Cue “Damn all the bills!” in Monica’s voice.) We might have outgrown that fantasy, but the looks that Sam and Suzy served are still pretty cool. Now we can cop the bag, and maybe also adopt a kitty, while we’re at it, to complete the Suzy look. Parisian rope bag, P599.75

Maverick’s sunglasses in Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun might be peak Tom Cruise yet we still live for it. Only the Top Gun cast could play rigorous volleyball while wearing sunglasses and jeans and make it look more attractive than it probably feels. That’s talent. The jeans might be a no go for the beach, and especially for sports, but we’d still wear those gold-rimmed shades today. Hopefully, we can also be blessed by even just an ounce of that Tom Cruise drip. Kinetix sunglasses, P399.75.

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