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Scout Friday Picks: Isabelle Romualdez of Fools & Foes

Scout Friday Picks: Isabelle Romualdez of Fools & Foes

OPM fans can now rejoice. Every Friday, Scout taps onto the best independent musicians stirring the scene to share their favorite hits and beats. Tune in on the weekend to see who’s currently under our radar.


First up on our list is Fools & Foes’ smooth-voiced lead vocalist and bassist–Isabelle Romualdez. The alternative folk band first gained prominence after joining Wanderband 2015. Best known for their upbeat music paired with melancholic lyrics, the group swiftly garnered a strong fanbase playing a huge number of gigs all over the metro, within the course of a year. Fools & Foes released their first EP last December and remain to be one of the fastest-rising acts in the local music industry today.

Ready for the weekend? Isa sure is and she’ll show you how. The self-professed “awkward,” but undeniably charming frontwoman picks out her five top weekend anthems.


1.Say My Name – ODESZA
“This song is the perfect soundtrack to when you pack your stuff and head out to a fun Friday night ahead. The vibe pumps me up, and the bold lyrics make the song so charming.”


2. “King and Cross – Asgeir
“This is an ideal song to wake up to on a Saturday morning. I like how it starts off with just an acoustic guitar and a soothing voice, and then it pleasantly surprises you with an electronic beat. To me, that’s the perfect way to wake up–relaxed, then excited to start the day.”


3. “Suicide Saturday – Hippo Campus
“This is a feel-good song perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon; just in time for summer! This is one of my favorite pieces from Hippo Campus, a band I adore and have a crush on.”


4.Last Dance – Rhye
“Sexy. Yes, this song is really sexy, but in a subtle, soothing way. Great to play for a chill night with friends.”


5.1904 – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
“We all have that somewhat heavy or sad feeling when we know our weekend is about to come to an end. This is the best companion for when that feeling hits. It’s so simple yet it makes me happy and wistful at the same time.”


Check out Fools & Foes online!




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