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How this 24-year-old became Queen of Philippine Wrestling


Philippine wrestling is at its peak. Recently, Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) and Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) are making waves and placing Philippine wrestling on the map. But what makes our wrestling stand out is their young pioneers.

One of them is the Queen of Philippine Wrestling—PWR’s Crystal.

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At the age of 24, she already did so much for the sport. She’s the first female competitor to step in PWR’s ring. What followed is a string of successful firsts and wins that got WWE eyeing her since day one. And from her match last March, she can put “competitor in Philippine’s first female international match” on her list of record-breaking achievements.

We followed this young legend in our new series SCOUT Follows. In this series, we follow the lives of amazing young people and show everyone why they shouldn’t sleep on them. Our first episode shows the Queen of Philippine Wrestling before she competes in one of the biggest matches of her career.

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“I didn’t just wake up one day and claimed that I was the Queen of Philippine Wrestling. Now, I can say that I am ‘cause I’ve done this the longest, I’ve been everywhere representing the Philippines, and people are seeing what I am capable of,” she tells us in our interview.

Women’s place in the ring is no longer for a lingerie match. Now, they’re proving why they were and always have been fierce competitors. Crystal is proving this one vertical suplex at a time. And just like the rest of the world—it’s time to pay close attention.

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