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What does a good night-out look like?


Adulting is a three-syllable word layered with multiple meanings. In essence, it means responsibilities on another stack of responsibilities. At times, it’s momentary confusion followed by a sense of relief. Like when you tick the “I’m over 18” box when you’re over 18. It’s confusing achievements mixed with somber moments.



One of the most common somber moments might be maintaining friendships.

During this year, I’ve officially entered my third year in the workforce. I suppose it’s a small achievement and privilege. At lonely hours, I have a sinking feeling that I might be wasting my youth. I see my friends a lot less, going out costs money, and, I have to admit, I prefer to stay in bed during weekends a lot more.

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Growing up changes your social life big time. Friendships are harder to maintain. So with the gang’s late-night adventures being less frequent, we all need to cherish our nights-out more than ever. But how can we ensure that a late time can be a good time? Do we plan, plan, plan or let it all happen spontaneously?

Learning how to pull off a night-out to remember is a long process. But with my compilations after hour debaucheries and amazing hangouts with kinfolk, the go-to formula for it became easier to remember.

One example would be San Mig Light’s #AllNight series, a nightly spectacle where beer flights and other unexpected moments can happen, ranging from sick DJ sets and musical performances courtesy of someone like Kiana Valenciano to a surprise visit from actual show-stopping stunners like Kylie Versoza.

After going to one of their #AllNight parties back in Eastwood last August, I kind of got a hang of what a spectacular night-out needed. Here’s my go-to formula for a guaranteed amazing night out to remember.

It starts with a drink and a good conversation

Good convos aren’t only descriptors for meme-filled chat threads. Sometimes, that’s all you can get when you’re busy adulting. That’s not the case in a rare night-out though. You’re here with your gang face-to-face. A rare occurrence, but an exciting one nonetheless.

At #AllNight, few people have their attention on their phones. Spontaneous chats, sharing a good laugh with others, the clinking of beer bottles flooding the air, and surprise appearances from figures like Miss International 2016, Kylie Versoza. It’s hangouts unplugged and we’re actually loving it.

Catch ups are better IRL than URL. So better make the most of it by putting the phone down and lifting a bottle of beer instead. Trust us: Inside jokes are funnier when you hear your friends laughing out loud.

Classic gig night—but make it extra

Gig hopping is a good way to bond after a long work week or a stressful hell week. Listening to your favorite local acts while reminiscing about the days you used to do this every night is cute yet bittersweet. But why make it bittersweet? Why not just go all out instead?

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Having a bash at SML’s #AllNight means drinks aplenty while great musicians pull up. Kiana Valenciano’s fresh brand of R&B eased us into the night’s vibe, while SM Youth alums MVRXX and Alwyn Cruz’s DJ set got the crowd jumping. They even threw in an unexpected remix of IV of Spades’ “Mundo” that we didn’t know we needed ’til they spun it.

Apart from listening to your favorite bands, make the most of it. Try pulling your friends to the dancefloor, jamming with a band you’ve never listened to, drinking a beer you’ve never had before, and allowing yourself to create new memories. Nostalgia is cute and all but getting unstuck with the past is cuter.

The weirder the better

Is it me or did we just see a marching band pass by us? In a rare night out, unicorn moments happen. You know, unicorn moments. The moments in life that are so rare it can only happen at weird hours.

San Mig Light did not hesitate in bringing the extra to us. Rain or shine, these party animals pulled out the stops. They got a whole marching band and a variety of circus acts pull up. Think this is just another late-night out? They always push you to think twice and expect the unexpected.

We either see unicyclist and a horn section pass by us, or we see our dream celeb and we can’t contain the fan within. That’s when you really, really, really have to carpe diem the crap out of your night out. Take all the feed pics you need. Still, don’t forget to be in the moment and experience it with the people who matter.

Where’s the party at? Everywhere if you have a bottle or a bucket of San Mig Light around. Change the way you party and chill with your kinfolk with #SMLAllNight. Follow @sanmiglightph and don’t miss out on the latest promos and events.

Photos by Rogin Losa & San Mig Light


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