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Say goodbye to Good Shepherd’s purple ube jam (for now)

Say goodbye to Good Shepherd’s purple ube jam (for now)

In a heartbreaking Facebook post, our fave pasalubong stop and social enterprise Good Shepherd announced that the purple ube jam is no more.

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“Climate emergency is real,” the post reads. According to the page, our local ube farmers are having difficulty finding a stable supply of the root crop because of the changing climate. In the past weeks, there was not enough supply of ube to create the classic Good Shepherd jam that we all know and love. No purple ube, no ube jam.

But wipe your tears, friends. Good Shepherd has created a new iteration of the jam, which is white in color. It uses a different version of the yam. “Yes, it is as good as the purple one,” the folks from Good Shepherd say. 

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The climate emergency—yes, emergency—is so real that we are losing ube, people. In all seriousness, it’s high time we review our actions and think about our impacts on Mother Earth each moment of every day. Ube is one of the many natural resources we’re losing in this destructive path we’re on. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for the ube.

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